Enzyte Reviews

Here are some of the Enzyte reviews I found when surfing around the internet. I was trying to find and answer to the question “does Enzyte work?“. As you can see, most of these Enzyte reviews are posted on forums and websites from “anonymous”. So, it’s hard to tell if they are legitimate. Personally, after reading many, many Enzyte reviews I concluded that the only way to tell whether Enzyte will work for me is to actually try it myself.

The Most Postive Enzyte Reviews

“I expected results to take some time, perhaps two weeks, so I placed them by my Cheerios to take with breakfast each morning. In about ten days I awoke with a surging hard on, a treat I had not enjoyed in years.”

(from Amazon)

“I began using Enzyte only about 2 and half months ago, but I saw results very quickly. I was very pleased with the increase in size and overall width while using Enzyte.”

“I’m 52 years old and this product has turned the stiffness clock back to when I was 19. Holy cow!”

The Most Balanced Enzyte Reviews

“I have used Enzyte in the past for an extended period of time, about a year. I noticed a real improvement in the first couple of months. It provided energy, increase drive and stamina. But, this is not Viagra, nor does it increase overall size, no pill will do that (except when flaccid, I did have flaccid size increase with Enzyte) It is a mixture of herbs so it isn’t something you should buy and only use ‘when needed’. Also, herbs work differently on different people so my advice is not to buy a bunch of it. Maybe start off with one box because if it is going to help you, it will do so within the first month. But if you don’t notice an increase in stamina, drive and just overall mood, don’t buy anymore. You do have to take it everyday like a vitamin. Enzyte did help get the blood pumping for me but may not for you. I enjoyed taking it and enjoyed the way I felt when I took it. However, I have currently stopped taking it but will probably start again in a few months. I have noticed over the years that when taking herbal supplements, sometimes I get use to the herb and need to take a break. Also, it is reasonably priced compared to others. “

“I bought this product a few years back on a whim. I noticed after the third or fourth day that it worked , so did my wife. NO YOU DONT GROW INCHES…it does improve blood flow to the penis and that can seem like a bigger erection…which the wife noticed. It improved my stamina and libido. Also made orgasms more fulfilling and intense. Ive read and researched all the herbs in it…all are harmless , but all are known for thier help in the sex dept. Never had a heart racing problem or headache. But some may have a flushing issue from the niacin in it…so beware of that. Especially if you take niacin for your triglycerides….it could be to much. “

“I have taken this product off and on for several years- when I could afford it. It does work. If you think it does not work, maybe your not old enough to really need it. It provides the herbals necessary for proper prostate function. Nothing is going to make your member longer. It helps your libedo, which helps your stamina and desire. “

“Enzyte is an ok non-prescription ed pill, and cheaper than viagra plus it has more pills. ex.
viagra: 5 pills (5 nights) 60 some dollars
Enzyte: 30 days – $30″

“Enzyte works great for me. I’ve found the recommended “once a day” is not effective, but taking two pills per day has enhanced my erections greatly! Much harder and much thicker erections – adding a little less than one inch too!”

Negative Enzyte Reviews


“Ok I tried this product for 2 month hoping to improve 6 inches..that did not happen. So if you are looking for something to increase your size look somewhere else.”

“I’ve recently ordered this just to try, and especially at a low price vs other competitive brands. I’ve tried 3 other ones before, and out of the 4 total, Enzyte was the LEAST productive. I was very disappointed in this product after taking it for 2 wks. No enhancement whatsoever, compared to the other ones at the same duration. Try it for yourself, since it may vary from customer to customer. For me, it failed miserably. “

“This product did not deliver the smiling Bob promise. Maybe some experience a placebo affect or maybe it is just one of those products that works better for some than others.”

“I saw lots of ads and now I see free offers and money back guarantee. If you expect it to work right today than this is not for you. I recommend get the perscrition pills” instead.

My Conclusion: There are a lot more Enzyte reviews you can read online.  I suggest you try it for yourself and see if it works for you, instead of wasting a few hours reading more Enzyte reviews (like I did).